San Diego Fine Art Resources - SD-FAR

Because Art Makes Life Better™

Because art makes life better is more than a slogan, it is a truth. Our mission at San Diego Fine Art Resources is to help to improve the quality of life with art in your environment. We work with our clientele to search for the perfect blend of art and presentation that transforms the work and living space into a place of beauty and tranquility. The right art treatment creates a healing and inspirational environment for employees, visitors, clients and the whole family — Because Art Makes Life Better™.

SD-FAR sources art from local Southern California artists, offering our clients access to the highest quality art at an excellent price for any project. We offer art consulting and design services, as well as customization of the artwork to fit within specific spaces. Working with local and talented artists, framers and installers facilitates the creation and installation of every project on time and always within budget.

Our teamʼs mission is to provide art with Superior Value and Highest Quality by providing the following:
  • Consulting and Design Services
  • Creative Solutions
  • Customization
  • Partnership with our Clients, Artists and Vendors
  • Talented Team Members
  • Accurate and On-Time